SaaS for Smart Water Metering.

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UtiliOS Water

UtiliOS Water

UtiliOS SaaS for Water can enhance any smart water metering solution. We provide professional water managers in the Utility, Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional sectors easy access to their water data via a highly intuitive platform. Our customisable portal allows multiple ways to view your assets and data, so you can genuinely understand your water usage and losses in a sustainable way. UtiliOS can improve demand management, generate leak and excess use alerts, streamline your billing, and help with maintenance administration and operational efficiency.

Introducing UtiliOS

UtiliOS can help you move from simple data collection to effective IoT analytics and data visualisation using our best in class platform. Utility managers can monitor water and gas usage, detect leaks and identify network losses. UtiliOS also provides greater capability to users by enabling connection to any LPWAN network or smart utility meter.


Industry Leading Capabilities

Data Visualisation

Leak Detection

Sophisticated analytics

Billing integration

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