Established in 2020, UtiliOS is an Australian owned SaaS company, created by water industry professionals with over 15 years experience in smart metering deployments. We offer water utilities, institutions, commercial and industrial businesses the benefits of secure data collection from smart water devices, and display that data on a user friendly, highly intuitive interface.

Our Purpose

To visualise data in the most informative and efficient manner, to inspire committed action throughout businesses and their communities.

Our Mission

To engage society in the adoption of the sustainable use of resources through the intelligent use of technology.

We visualise data to enable positive change, empowering operators and consumers to work collaboratively, supporting the community and ultimately contributing towards a better environment.”


UtiliOS Water – Making an Impact

Visualise data in the most informative and efficient manner, with the aim to inspire committed action throughout businesses and their communities.

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Optimise water usage to support drought and ESG.

There is a commercial and moral pull to address water usage as the world continues to magnify the importance of saving our precious resources. There is no quick fix, but with some clever planning ahead, the future impact of your water footprint as a business or utility could drastically improve.

The best place to start is measuring water consumption and setting some realistic targets. It’s vital to know your starting point and find out how much water you are currently using. Installing an innovative water metering system that uses UtiliOS to visualise your data will help you see where the areas of most significant use are.

Start now for a more sustainable future.

Operational Efficiency

Operational Efficiency

Visualise where water reduction can improve your financial liabilities.

Water Utilities that have access to water network data 24/7 online can expect financial gains. With data sent firstly to their phone or desktop, they no longer need to invest in meter reading labour and can reduce service vehicle call out fees.

Businesses can also expect to see savings. Operational inefficiencies and faulty equipment are predominantly identified through intelligent data analytics. Data insights can also help quantify the effect of water efficiency programs and improve NABERS ratings.

Situational Awareness

Situational Awareness

Understanding water usage and trends.

The COVID pandemic is a good example of how quickly our situations can change. While most of us worked from home, typical water usage across businesses decreased, and residential home water usage increased. For Businesses understanding your water usage during these times can be extremely helpful. UtiliOS can help quantify the pandemic’s effect on your NABERS ratings and give you insights into varied occupancy levels as people slowly return to the office. UtiliOS can also alert you to any leaks that may arise while the office is empty.

For Utilities, identifying trends during a Covid pandemic, fires, or even drought is critical. Insights into people’s water usage during these times can help Utilities manage water restrictions and prepare for future anomalies.