IoT Water Management

UtiliOS provides cloud native IoT water management, giving insights into water networks and losses.

UtiliOS provides advanced IoT water management for logging and analysing water consumption data, helping professional water managers to monitor and operate their water meters sustainably and efficiently.

Our smart IoT water management provides advanced functionality to commercial, public sector and institutional clients. We are customer-focused and Australian based, with smart water metering software designed for ease of use, simplicity, and data visualisation.

UtiliOS ready for any Smart Water Metering Solution

UtiliOS SaaS connects to any smart water metering device.
UtiliOS SaaS connects to any LPWAN Network.

Our next-generation smart water metering visualisation software is cloud native, empowering customers to digitise and centralise data from their smart water metering network.

Provided in an easy to use, centralised software platform, water managers can clearly visualise and accurately monitor IoT water management data. The user-friendly dashboard providing quick access to IoT water meters, remotely collecting data, secure connectivity and sensor monitoring and management. UtiliOS water metering software displays data in a structured, customisable, and user-friendly way. With Interactive GPS mapping and network, the management tools are intuitive and easy to use.

Introducing UtiliOS

UtiliOS can help you move from simple data collection to effective IoT analytics and data visualisation using our best in class platform. Utility managers can monitor water and gas usage, detect leaks and identify network losses. UtiliOS also provides greater capability to users by enabling connection to any LPWAN network or smart utility meter.


IoT Water Management
Features and Benefits

UtiliOS is a solution for any water utility service provider or municipality, enabling functionality and ease of use. Helping city councils and other water service providers in the water industry, bringing together software functionality to easily connect, manage and visualise smart water metering devices to visualise and predict water consumption patterns.

Intelligent IoT water management from the edge to the core provides access to water usage data, leak alerts, leading to increased efficiency, helping to save water and money ongoing. Our smart water metering software accurately logs and process smart water metering data.

Understand your Water Network with UtiliOS


Network demand management

The District Metered Area (DMA) functionality manages complex networks with scalable and unlimited data points. DMAs can be configured as separate groups within an overall network for management purposes. Parameters can be configured to support demand analysis and management.

Manage non-revenue network losses

District metering network maps can monitor water usage across the supply network for a view of non-revenue water loss sections via metering points and virtual meter setups.

Quickly identify leaks with UtiliOS


GPS Mapping

Leaks are detected within 24 hours with pin-point accuracy via GPS mapping and reported with automated alarms. Leak and excess use notifications are enabled for network managers via UtiliOS.
UOS Maps


Setting up water leak and excess water use alarm parameters is easier and faster with UtiliOS. Automated alarms can be received via SMS and/or email to both network managers and clients.
UOS Alarms

Visualise your data with UtiliOS



UtiliOS can generate reports quickly with automatic configuration. Our system also incorporates custom reports that can be tailored and exported via CSV or excel and received in your preferred method.


Inbuilt analytics calculate totals, averages and baselines and enable customisable data query functionality and analysis, such as for KPIs. Overlay with ambient temperature is incorporated to easily assess whether increased water use is due to weather conditions or abnormal use.

Easily Integrate with UtiliOS



UtiliOS enables integration through API of accurate data into legacy billing systems. Integration is customised to meet specific client requirements.


UtiliOS accommodates a wide range of restful API end points, providing flexibility in accessing your usage data connecting to your legacy systems.

As part of the UtiliOS service, we will act as your technology partner and help you overcome any challenges in managing dynamic water assets and large water infrastructures, saving time and money. Our software will enable you with water asset maintenance and monitoring of leaks and water loss and impending failures.

Created by water professionals for water professionals, UtiliOS can enhance any smart IoT water management system. It provides its users with a highly intuitive and customisable platform allowing them to access the status of their meters and water usage across their networks or sites.

UtiliOS IoT Water Management

UtiliOS IoT water management software has been specifically engineered to improve demand management, generate network leak and excess use alerts, and streamline billing and maintenance administration.

Whether you are a property manager, facility manager or a major water utility manager, UtiliOS goes far beyond just monitoring your water. Discover its benefits and functionality, to meet all your water management needs with the UtiliOS smart IoT water management software.

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We visualise data to enable positive change, empowering operators and consumers to work collaboratively, supporting the community and ultimately contributing towards a better environment.”
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