UtiliOS for
Water Utilities

Intelligent software for smart water metering, giving utilities insights into their water network and losses.

Gain insights into your water network losses, with the right SaaS platform. By visualising your data, you can address leaks fast, improve demand management, minimise customer complaints, maximise operational efficiencies, and streamline billing, resulting in increased revenue.

UtiliOS ready for any Smart Water Metering Solution

UtiliOS SaaS connects to any smart water metering device.

UtiliOS SaaS connects to any LPWAN Network.

UtiliOS Features and Benefits

Understand your Water Network with UtiliOS


Network demand management

The District Metered Area (DMA) functionality manages complex networks with scalable and unlimited data points. DMAs can be configured as separate groups within an overall network for management purposes. Parameters can be configured to support demand analysis and management.


Manage non-revenue network losses

District metering network maps can monitor water usage across the supply network for a view of non-revenue water loss sections via metering points and virtual meter setups.

Quickly identify leaks with UtiliOS


GPS Mapping

Leaks are detected within 24 hours with pin-point accuracy via GPS mapping and reported with automated alarms. Leak and excess use notifications are enabled for network managers via UtiliOS.

UOS Maps


Setting up water leak and excess water use alarm parameters is easier and faster with UtiliOS. Automated alarms can be received via SMS and/or email to both network managers and clients.

UOS Alarms

Visualise your data with UtiliOS



UtiliOS can generate reports quickly with automatic configuration. Our system also incorporates custom reports that can be tailored and exported via CSV or excel and received in your preferred method.



Inbuilt analytics calculate totals, averages and baselines and enable customisable data query functionality and analysis, such as for KPIs. Overlay with ambient temperature is incorporated to easily assess whether increased water use is due to weather conditions or abnormal use.


Easily Integrate with UtiliOS



UtiliOS enables integration through API of accurate data into legacy billing systems. Integration is customised to meet specific client requirements.



UtiliOS accommodates a wide range of restful API end points, providing flexibility in accessing your usage data connecting to your legacy systems.

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